Get that perfect shot.


We have terrific camp spots full of surprises in the Dong Phou Vieng National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area. Overnight in that one, leave the camp spot to hike and explore through the woods. Who knows what you will see or what jungle host may visit our camp. The last tour a guest swore he seen the eyes of tiger in middle of the night. He was first packed in the morning, skipped the breakfast and was the fastest one on the trail that day, while the rest of us wished we had seen the same what he had seen. So, make sure you got your camera beside you to catch a perfect shot.



We will be crossing two National Bio-Diversity Conservation Areas: Hin Nam No and Dong Phou Vieng. Wildlife known there includes leaf monkeygibbondouc langurgaurgiant muntjacdholejackaltigerpangolinpython and king cobra. Two herds of wild elephants are known in the park. Bird life includes the oriental pied hornbillgreat hornbillwreathed hornbillwhite-rumped vulture and red-headed vulture.


I refuse to believe that a little fourth-rate power like North Vietnam doesn’t have a breaking point.
— Henry Kissinger
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