The Ho Chi Minh Trails Itinerary Seasonal From December To May


DAY 1 arrival to Da Nang, Vietnam

We pick you up from Da Nang International Airport (DAD) and transfer to Novotel in Da Nang City. The team dinner is at 20:00 for a local cuisine meal.

DAY 2,gear check, transfer to drop-off point, cycling and camping, total - 30 km

6:00 AM early morning breakfast provided in the hotel. Meeting at the conference room for briefing and gear check at 7:00 AM. That includes 30 minutes checkup ride. Check out from the hotel at 10:00 for loading and transferring to the drop-off point near the Laos boarder . Then we starting cycling over the mountain ridge with Laos border crossing. At the end of the day we camp at the abandoned hostel. 

DAY 3,jungle tracking, chief camping - Total 50 km

We rise early from camp to start following a chain of villages to jump in the jungle trail with first stream crossing over the rice patties with mud buffalos, stunning karst canyons with caves, making our way out through the dense jungle. Overnight in the ethnic village in the chief’s house. 

DAY 4, over the bomb craters, camp at cave beach - total 57 km

So we starting earliest in the morning to have an adventurous day through the landscape scarred with the bomb craters, river crossings and finally making into the remote valley to set our camp on the sand bank in front of the iconic Xe Bang Fai river cave. It is a good time for packraft workshop and fishing before gathering at the camp fire.

DAY 5, packrafting through the world’s biggest river cave - Total 7 km

At start of the day we jump in Xe Bang Fai river cave. Which lies way off the beaten paths full with water, decorated with massive stalactites hanging from the ceiling high above, alien eggs in a secret chamber, enchanted with ancient spirits. Depending on the water level we camp inside or back on the sand bank. 

DAY 6, bikepacking through an isolated mountain ridge - total 51 km

Enjoy the truly remote path through the tribal villages and mountains. This is the most beautiful and difficult riding leg of the Ho Chi Minh Trails. Eyes up on the casual wildlife, don’t forget your water supply and gifts for the local kids. Camp at the village which stores relics of recent war: bombs, aluminum parts of plane body, Russian and US trucks.

DAY 7, war scrap village to national park51 km

More culture via few remote villages, beautiful Buddhist temples before disappear into the jungle valley. Night camp in the Dong Phou Vieng national forest, which is the part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail with wildlife in abundance, including leaf monkeygibbondouc langurjackaltigerpangolinpython and king cobra, etc. Two herds of wild elephants are known in the park. Bird life includes the oriental pied hornbillgreat hornbillwreathed hornbillwhite-rumped vulture and red-headed vulture.


DAY 8, bikepacking + 13 km packrafting In the national forest - total 37 km

Continue bikepacking in the morning in the valley to get to the packrafting dropoff before the peak of midday sun. Jump in the river that will take us downstream via few small rapids. After few km made, we can camp in a river bank enjoying sunsets. Anyone up for fishing?

DAY 9,packrafting + bikepacking collapsed bridge - total 31 km

After couple more hours we are ready to embrace one the historical highlight of the Ho Chi Minh Trails – the bombed bridge. Few pictures and splashes so we are ready to switch back on the wheels and push ourselves back into the national forest, this time to camp on the plateau woods. We will venture hiking tomorrow, but tonight we dorm with monkey karaoke accompanied by birds.

DAY 10, hiking in the National forest - total 12 km

Leave the camp untouched, we go hiking. Take your camera, watch your steps, just make sure to seal the tent door so no unexpected guests will you have in the night. The scenic valley view is just couple km deeper in the jungle. 

DAY 11,from the national forest to vietnam border is just one ride -total 88 km

Leaving this beautiful place just to exchange to another scenic route. Downhill into the valley, back on to the road with some war monuments on the way. Here is Humvee helicopter, push more on the pedal – here is a tank. And we are just around the corner from the Vietnam border. Get ready your passports. Then it is time to celebrate the Ho Chi Minh Trail at the dinner. You made it! We got a night ride ahead. Going back to Da Nang

DAY 12, back to da nang, chilling at the sea side

Time to chill and recover back at the resort city. Sea side, Vietnamese cuisine, leg massage and overnight in Novotel. 

DAY 13, leaving to airport

Next destination? Your choice. Stay one more day here or continue exploring beautiful South East Asia. Our team is there for you to provide advices you needed. We will transfer you back to the Da Nang International Airport (DAD). 

We are fighting a war with no front lines, since the enemy hides among the people, in the jungles and mountains, and uses covertly border areas of neutral countries. One cannot measure [our] progress by lines on a map
— General William C. Westmoreland
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