Your Path To Adventure 

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Living in Asia you quickly learn that business plans and routes get copied very quickly, we invested a lot of time, money and energy into researching the Real Ho Chi Minh Trail. Only customers that take our adventure will be given a detail map of the route to study weeks before arrival. 





The Basic Route.

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  • Da Nang to Laos boarder
  • Laos boarder to the dirty trails
  • Bomb craters rice fields
  • The world’s largest river cave
  • Remote mountain ridge with indigenous villages
  • The war remnants’ villages
  • Packrafting the bombed bridge
  • Photo hunting in the national park
  • War monuments
  • Back to Da Nang, Vietnam

I am not going to lose Vietnam. I am not going to be the president who saw Southeast Asia go the way China went
— President Lyndon Johnson
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