I was a bit nervous when going into the world’s largest river cave Xe Bang Fai. Especially that I’ve never packrafted before especially that my bike and all gear attached to my Rogue Lite. But have to admit that I never felt so much at peace floating in the darkness with just my headlamp, as it felt like being back in the womb, an amazing feeling. Now I am a cave junkie, thanks, team!
— Natalia, Russia

Done the Great Divide, which was hard. But there is so much more culture on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, not to mention trail challenges and variety of the terrain and being surround by war history.

I arrived with just my riding clothes and a small Camelbak with some bits and pieces, and the next day I got straight on the bad-ass fatbike, it is so easy logistic

The Ho Chi Minh trail trip took me to the completely next level of adventures I could only dream of. From sleeping in the jungle to sitting down with elders from a tribal village, to exploring a cave by packraft where only a hand full of people have ever been. I have never felt so much alive. Thanks, Pavel and Mark.

Spending most of my life working in the office every day and living for my weekend bikepacking rides, the real adventure is what I’m dreaming of and Ho Chi Minh Trails have exactly what I needed. And I’m back in the office at work and still see the trail. Thank you for the lifetime memories!

Done a lot of cycling touring packages, nothing like this. We weren’t babied. Nobody there to pick up our bike and put us in a truck. You have two choices when you exhausted: keep riding or pushing your bike to the next village. Mark was always close to me, telling me lies like ‘there just one more hill to go, and I buy you a cold beer when you get to the village’. The beer point was true lol. Thank you, team. No gain, no pain.

The route we traveled was not the easiest one, and the pain is worth every dollar spent. Gained much more though from the beautiful scenery, thrilling history, the people, and adventure we ventured on the way

I’ve been bikepacking for years mostly solo, because friends not be able to get the same time of work. This year I was looking for an adventure but due to my age, I wanted to do it with a cycling tour company. I spent a lot of time researching tour companies and liked what these guys had to offer. The Real Thing
— Pauli, Salt lake

Being heavily into bikepacking to the point where I have to hide new gear from my wife. What blew my mind was their bike rental fleet. That company spends a fortune on SRAM XX1 gear, amazing hubs, running the latest packrafts and has best bikepacking bags on the market. They could easily just give us a simple steel cook set, but instead, they gave me ultralight titanium one. Very impressed with their gear - better than mine. Looks like the wife going to kill me as time has come for me to upgrade.
— Fred, PERTH

I lost 8 kg on the trail. When I arrived back home the wife wanted to book and pay for another trip back on the real Ho Chi Minh Trail. Thank god they were fully booked lol. Thanks, guys never felt so good, And the wife thanks you guys too. See you next year after Thanks Giving
— Joe, Houston

Want To Be A Part Of The Ho Chi Minh Trails.