Like many of us looking for cycling tour package we usually have questions. You can find an answer to your question on this page. And of course, you are always welcome to ask your own questions messaging us directly by email or your welcome to come into our office in sunny Nha Trang for a chat.


Keep In Touch

Q. How do I keep in contact with family/friends/world while on The Ho Chi Minh Trails?

A. We include Laos $10 sim-card to send text messages back home.

Start Date

Q. When does The Ho Chi Minh Trails season starts? 

A. Due the extreme raining season we can only do The Real Ho Chi Minh Trails starting on Dec 5th to May 5th.


Q. Are you fully insured and how much is each rider covered for? 

A. Yes were fully insured up to USD 5,000,000 for each rider. But we’re in remote area, so each guide is also a first-aid instructor.

Break Downs

Q. What happens if my bike breaks or gets a flat tire?

A. Each bike equipped with repair kit and spare tube. In case of serious breaks, you will be switched with one of the guide’s bike so you can continue your trip. And the guide walks his way out of the jungle and join later after repairs are done.

Q. Your website isn’t the typical bike touring or adventure website?

A. Yeah, you’re right. It is more like you’re a bikepacking buddy who comes to our home and asks to borrow my dream bike that I just got on last X-mas and while you’re there go through my bikepacking setup and grab my new tent and then ask about which sleeping bag is the lightest one and the best. You can tell we got a passion for the bikepacking so we crated this website to be bikepackers’ friendly


Spot Tracker

Q. Can I bring a Spot Tracker?

A. Yes, you’re welcome to bring your own if you like.


Q. Are any meals provided during the trip?

A. Yes, all meals are provided on trip. We stop at local villages giving you a chance to taste local food. When in more remote places, we have 5 days supplies from Mountainhouse meals like Beef Stroganoff. If you’re a vegan please let us know before, so we can prepare for your meal requirements.


Q. I see the deposit of $995 and balance of $3,000 is 60 days before arrival. Is the deposit refundable?

A. Simple answer is no. Your deposit is not refundable. Once you are approved and deposit received we lock your spot in the tour.

Blood Road

Q. How close is it to the Blood Road movie?

A. The Blood Road was a great movie, however what you about to do is real. We won’t have support team nor support vehicles. When you’re on the trail you quickly realize there are no hotels in the remote parts of the jungle.


Q. I have no experience in packrafting.

A. We are running a packrafting workshop at the cave camp area the day before entering the cave. Plus, you will see how stable the rogue lite is, no rider has ever tipped the raft, you are in safe hands.




Q. First time I seen alcohol included in a tour package, but then when I read your profiles it made sense a team of Irishman and Russian. My question is, when you include alcohol, do you mean expensive bottle of cognac or nice bottle of 1978 French wine?

A. When we say alcohol, we mean a $3 bottle Hanoi vodka with a special taste or snake blood wine. So, you just drink one shot and never ask for it again. Beer we don’t count as alcohol, we count as water rather, so drink plenty.

Morning Schedule

Q. What our start time 

A. Traveling at the daylight starting at 7.30 am and finishing at the camp site around 4 to 5 pm. The morning briefing will be held before the kick-off each day.

Miles For A Day

Q. How many miles a day I have to cover?
A. Depending on the trail conditions it can vary from 30 miles to 50 miles. Usually, in the beginning of a dry season the trail is slower.


Q. What happens if I get lost on the trail?

A. Each customer is given the track for the phone map or GPS map. Every morning we have a briefing at the breakfast with the checkpoints throughout a day and campsite location at the end of the day. And remember if you hit the crossroad and don’t know where to turn, there’s always our guide at the back of the group for backup.

Q. Is there a storage provided for my personal luggage that I can leave while on the trail as The Ho Chi Minh Trails tour is only a part of my trip in South East Asia?

A. You can leave your personal luggage in the hotel when we are on the tour, so you can pick it up on the way back free of charge.


What To Bring

Q. What should I bring to the trip? 

A. A detailed list is available on the “What should you bring on the trail” page.



Q. Is the flight ticket included in the price?

A. No. It’s every rider’s responsibility to fly to the starting destination airport in Da Nang, Vietnam (DAD). From there we’ll pick you up to transfer directly to the 5-star hotel.