The world of outdoor adventure has long been divided into three types hiking, cycling and water people. Rarely would they combine on one trip? With The Real Ho Chi Minh Trails, you are doing all three. Yet it is the only way to complete this Ho Chi Minh Trails tour. Bikepacking through the thick jungle trails or getting off your fat bike to push up one more 30% climbs or crossing impossible rivers. That’s where the packraft adds to the true adventure experience.


Pack Rafting Rivers 

Seeing Ho Chi Minh Trail from a different perspective when paddling on a packraft, yet relaxing and fun endeavor down the stream, giving your legs time-off while progressing over the route. Fishing is another opportunity to learn something new, to have fun and actually resupply on the way.


Pack Rafting Caves

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We believe that peace is at hand.
— National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger
Ho Chi Minh Trail packrafting
Ho Chi Minh Trail rafting laos
Ho Chi Minh Trail rafting