Start-up. Over the last few years we have been researching The Ho Chi Minh Trails and putting together something completely new for the extreme cyclist adventurer, that been missing from the bicycle touring market. Our business plan is sound. With Mark’s over 25 years of opening companies’ start-up's, that were sold for heavy profits and leading new business adventures, like opening the first freediving center in Maldives. With Pavel’s financial risk management background over 15 years, examining enterprises and companies in different fields from the oil-n-gas industry, logistics to tourism industry. Together we made strong business plan provided with the thorough field research. The Real Ho Chi Minh Trails that’s what we are focusing on. With over two years of research by committing and moving to Vietnam for the sole purpose of this business adventure. We made sure the route contains historical, cultural and extreme adventure parts off the beaten tracks of Vietnam and Laos. Our self-supported tours are pre-run and back-up logistics are in place. Our demo bikepacking models and gear setups have been ruggedly tested and gear testing has been finalized specifically for The Ho Chi Minh Trails tours and ready to order for the rental fleet and start our online marketing plan.


We are looking for USD 45,000  to start-up our company and take it to the next level. That will give The Ho Chi Minh Trails ability to launch the business for 2018. 

As with so many paying customers interested in doing The Ho Chi Minh Trails tours before even the launch of our website example, we have over 1000 potential customers emailing us through our ‘coming soon’ page. There is an interest in the market for this extreme adventure. With our business model, that only needs 10 customers a year to start making profit and we will be starting with 24 customers a financial year. The timing is perfect to take this project to the next level. Like any new business idea, for example, opening the first freediving center in Maldives, now there are over 30 freediving centers within 3 years. We designed this company to be hard to duplicate so we expect to be the leader in extreme bikepacking / packrafting adventures for years to come. Your investment will be part of the additional income starting 2018 with us starting to offer weekend bikepacking and packrafting workshops near our business in Nha Trang area from May to November during off‑season on The Ho Chi Minh Trails to customers who are interested in local bikepacking / packrafting adventures. Which alone guaranteeing the return on your investment without even consideration of our main business The Ho Chi Minh Trails tours.


Option A:

 We offer 20% of the equity shares in the Ho Chi Minh Trails Co. You, as the Investor have three returns from just one investment of $45,000:

1. In terms of dividends:

Paid at the end of each financial year, starting the second year(FY 2020). Total of $115,000

FY 2020 - $16,000

FY 2021 - $30,000

FY 2022 - $35,000

FY 2023 - $34,000

2. In terms of accumulated cash before due diligence company sale: 20% of total - projected $50,000

3. In terms of proceeds after due diligence company sale at the end of FY 2023: 20% of total company

sale value - your projected value $97,000


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