The Xe Bang Fai River Cave

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The Xe Bang Fai River cave is fitted with enormous features, like those large limestone ornament formations. First known attempted was on a bamboo raft by a French explorer back in 1905, the cave, that locally called as Tham Khoun Xe and rarely visited by tourists, went forgotten for decades as war and political troy-fairs kept explorers out of the Southeast Asian country.


Packrafting & Exploring The Cave

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We arrive at the cave entrance and setup camp. Then we spend the rest of the day setting up the packrafts, giving you a chance to get comfortable before entering the cave the next morning. The cave has two main entrances: one upstream and one downstream. The exploration team spent ten days surveying and photographing the cave, communicating in the darkness by walkie-talkie, and traveling by lightweight, inflatable kayaks. We will spend one day paddling through it on our packrafts equipped with headlamps.

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Xe Bang Fai River Cave