700 Km Of Bikepacking The Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail.jpg

This is why were are here for love of bikepacking. If it bikepacking a narrow trail off-the-beaten-paths, to pitching camp late at night to wake up somewhere beautiful, ever day filling water from local village stream, Your Fatbike prepared by our team, ready to be your partner and carry you toward this adventure


40 Km Of Jungle Trekking

Ho Chi Minh Trail jungle

At one point you be pushing your bike or as we like to say ‘bonus tour’ of jungle trekking with a bike. No shame in pushing your bike, as it is not a race, but we will push you to get to the check points. As long as you’re going forward by pedal power or by foot - that’s all that matters. We have seen some hardcore bikepacker racers get off their bike and push, we all will do it through out the day some more than others, it apart of the trail. 

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