Bikepacking Gear Overview

Over 4 years we went through the top gear setups, testing every piece of equipment on the world’s most dangerous trail. The Kokopelli Rogue Lite bikepacking packraft, the custom made bikepacking bags, the bike frames made from different styles and materials, top drivetrain, the most comfortable seat by Infinity. If you desire to build your own bikepacking setup for solo adventures your welcome to use our gear list. Our aim is to make sure everything packs down compact and works after many trips.

The Terrian® System Seatpost Bag

To Pack In The Terrapin® System Seat Bag

This seat bag is packed in such a way that can provide easy access while riding on the trail. Like if we are hit by a down pour of rain, the last thing being packed is your rain jacket for quick access. And even if you put a wet rain jacket back, it won’t contaminate your sleeping bag or spare clothes as they separated with own drybags inside the seat bag. Once we get to campsite and you start setting up your camp and inflate the Klymit air pad, simply unclip your Terrapin® System drybag from its holster and place in your tent. You’re ready to change into your camp clothes and get freshen up before dinner.

  • Aegismax ultralight goose gown sleeping bag 
  • Scrubba Wash Bag to store sleeping bag
  • Clothes: T-shirt, spare shorts or u2x compression socks, ultralight down jacket - Personal item to bring with you
  • Zpacks pillow dry bag to store your spare clothes
  • Wash kit, toothbrush, soap, etc. - Personal item to bring with you
  • FYF or flip-flops for camp - Personal item to bring with you
  • Showerpass rain jacket (example) - Personal item to bring with you

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The Jerrycan

This one bag that won’t need to be unpacked daily or if you’re lucky the whole adventureBut if there is a first aid emergency or mechanical problem then this bag needs to have fast and easy access.

  • First-aid kit (easy access)
  • Packraft repair kit 
  • Puncture repair kit 
  • Spare cables, parts, bolts, chain, oil lube, links, etc. 
  • Multi tool

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The  Gas-Tank Bag

The high volume top tube bag is perfect for storing daily items. If we pulling beside a lake and quickly take out the fishing rod – very convenient. Open a side zip cover with only one hand or get a full bag access by pulling both zips.

  • Phone, cables and wall charger - Personal item to bring with you
  • Pen fishing rod, hooks, weights and power bait
  • Petzl TACTIKKA headlamp 
  • Energy bars
  • Drinks tablets

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The Tangle® Frame Bag

With many bikepacking setups maximizing every inch of space with our years of bikepacking setup experience, what people forget is you need to have space for uninspected things that you may pick up on the way. The Tangle® frame bag is mainly used for anything you need to buy while on the trip. One of our rider got talking to local blacksmith and picked up handmade machete for $5 dollars. Not sure how he got it home through customs, but he did use it on those narrow jungle trails.

  • Spare Fat Bike 26x4 tube
  • Spokes for Fat Bike Carbon wheels 
  • Zip Ties
  • Space for gift for friends or family, or extra snacks for the camp fire

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The Sweetroll® Bag

The Sweetroll bag is 100% waterproof, hence great for when we pushing the bike waist deep crossing rivers and not worrying if the gear will stay dry. Once at the campsite we just unroll one end and remove your tent and air pad and setup camp. When we arrive at the river cave for exploration or spending the day on the river the packraft is easy to access. Then we use remainder space of this bag as our main dry bag for phone, electronic, Anker battery etc. Passport, wallet all get stored in there. 

  • Rogue Lite Packraft by Kokopelli 
  • Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 tent
  • Klymit Inertia XL Air Mattress

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The Yakataga Dry Pocket

The more waterproof bags the better especially while crossing or rafting the river. This bag is totally weather proof or submersible. While bikepacking, the bag is connect to the front handle bar and at night the bag is hung in the trees away from camp in case of unexpected guests. We carry 6 days of food, as we will be in remote areas and the rest of the time we be stopping at local villages and local markets for breakfast, lunch and dinner which included in our tour.  B -  breakfast; LD - lunch or dinner; D - Desert. 

  • LD Mountainhouse Lasagna with Meat Sauce x2
  • LD Mountainhouse Chili Mac with Beef x2
  • LD Mountainhouse Spaghetti with Meat Sauce x2
  • LD Mountainhouse Chicken Fajita Bowl x2
  • D Mountainhouse Apple Crisp x2
  • D MountainHouse New York Cheesecake Bites x2
  • D MountainHouse Raspberry Crumble x2
  • Anker 15w Solar Pannel seats on top 
  • Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Battery
  • B Mountainhouse Scrambled Eggs with Bacon x2
  • B Mountainhouse Biscuits and Gravy x2
  • B Granola with Milk and Blueberries x2
  • LD Mountainhouse Beef Stroganoff x2
  • LD Mountainhouse Chicken Teriyaki with Rice x2

bikepacking gear bags

What To Pack In The Mountain Feedbags 

Throughout the day we will be refilling water from local villages and trail streams. This bag provides us with water via one-hand easy access. In the second bag perfectly fits your ultralight kitchen. Pull it out when taking shad under a tree from the scotching heat. It holds everything you need to start cooking.

  • G7 gourmet coffee
  • Trail mix 
  • Sawyer mini filter
  • Steripen
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Evernew titanium alcohol stove
  • Evernew titanium cross stand
  • Toaks titanium pot, 750ml
  • Toaks titanium cup, 450ml
  • Toaks titanium windshield
  • Toaks titanium folding spork  
  • MSR Salt-n-paper shaker
  • Wet Wipes 

bikepacking gear bags

To Pack In The Spocket Mesh Bag

Mesh - Tapered wedge shape towards the front. VX 21 side panels provide structure; mesh allows contents to dry out.

  • Showerpass waterproof Socks - Personal item to bring with you
  • Washing powder
  • Items to be dried out while riding

camelbak Skyline

To Packed In The CamelBak Skyline LR 10

Not everyone is a fan of carrying a backpack and we have done many trips on the trail without a backpack. But that changed when we tested the CamelBak Skyline LR 10 on the trail. So comfortable and didn’t put any stress on the back or neck nor restrict breathing on the climbs. Now it is a valuable bit of gear for The Ho Chi Minh Trails, especially helping us storing more water with easy water access while riding or cooking at camp.  

  • CamelBak 3L Crux LR Reservoir
  • Wallet - Personal item to bring with you
  • Passport with 1-month multi entry Vietnam visa - Personal item to bring with you
  • Meds - Personal item to bring with you
  • Sun screen cream - Personal item to bring with you
  • Wet wipes & toilet paper
  • Kokopelli Packraft 4-piece break down paddle (fits where helmet would go or you can attach to sweetroll bag)
  • Colour pencils to give to the village kids (The last time we went back to the kids they showed us amazing drawing)

Fatbike bamboo

To Attached To Your Fatbike

  •  All Revelate Designs bags
  • Garmin 64s mounted to BarYak
  • Paddles poles attached to bottom frame with Washboard straps
  • MSR fuel 20oz bottle attached to bottom frame in carbon bottle cage
  • CamelBak water bottle attached inside frame in carbon bottle cage
  • Gopro mount attached to BarYak. (Gopro is an optional Personal item to bring with you)
  • Bikelamp NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 attached to BarYak
  • Bike pump attached to frame
  • Gorilla tape around the seat post